House Captain Change 4 Life Training

On Tuesday 23rd of October 2018, Katelyn, Ollie, Kairan, Magnus, Zara, Ava and Millie attended a House Captain training day. Firstly, we played Rock Paper Scissors for a warm up, then we did a few games based on the House Captain rules. After that, we had a few card games. It was very hard because people were talking half way through our game rules, so most of us got irritated. It was a steep learning experience! Over all we had fun and can’t wait to run the Change 4 Life Club in school.

By Ollie and Katelyn


Year 3 and 4 Football Festival

On the 15th of October Year 3s and Year 4s competed in a football festival. We were split into 3 different teams: blue team, red team and green team. Blue and red team were in pool 2. Surprisingly for both our third games, it was blue team against red team. Red team won, 7 – 1. All of the teams showed brilliant teamwork and everyone enjoyed themselves despite the wet weather!

By Harry and Ned

High 5 Netball Match

On Wednesday the 10th of October, 6 x Yr5/6 pupils played a netball game against Five Lanes at Devizes Leisure Centre. The players were: Molly, Freya, Magnus, Skye, Ava and Dougal. Freya was team captain and some of the parents came along to watch, we lost 2-14 to them. Although we didn’t win, we all enjoyed it and have learnt a lot more about netball and marking.

By Molly and Freya

Y2 and Y6 Indoor Athletics

On the 2nd of October we went to a sporting festival. There were 6 year 6 and 6 year 2. Which were: Magnus, Charlie, Ollie, Katelyn, Ava and Zara. The year 2s were: Jake, Harriet, Oliver, Gilbert, Autumn and Lauren. The tasks included: speed jump, medicine ball toss, high jump, javelin, balance beam and long jump. We all had a good time. We came back with lots of medals from year 2 and 6.
By Zara and Ava.

Chirton 6 a side football festival

On Friday the 28th September 2018, 18 pupils went to Chirton School for a football tournament. Only 1 person scored a goal (Finley) and Sam scored two own goals. Although we only one won match against the other Woodborough team and drew one match, we all had fun. We would like to say a huge thank you to the Mums for helping us and being our managers throughout the matches Thank you Mrs Morris and Mrs Wyatt.

By Magnus and Ollie R

Year 3 and 4 Tennis

On Friday 8th of June 18 children went to a tennis festival at Avon Valley College. There were 5 schools there, we were split in to three teams A team, B team and C team. There were two pools and A and B teams were in pool 1 and C team were in pool 2. A team and C team got into the semi-finals but B team still did incredibly well. A team and C team were against each other in the semi-finals Harry Phillips was on the A team and Ned Allen was on the C team whoever won that match their team would go to the finals. Ned hit the ball and it rolled over the net but unfortunately Harry lost the point so the C team got into the finals. The C team were against Rushall but it was who gets the most points, Rushall got one more point than C team so they won. We did extremely well and we would love to do it again – it was incredibly close!

By Minnie and Dougal

Girls’ Cricket

On the 5th of June 2018 all the girls in year 5 attended a girl’s cricket festival. There were three other schools they were: St Mary’s, Burbage and Ramsbury. We really enjoyed going even though we came 4th. The children who attended were: Katelyn, Zara, Annie, Amelia, Ruby, Millie, Skye, Freya, Molly and Ava.  We all hope we can go again next year.

By Katelyn and Zara


On the 23rd of May, 4 teams from woodborough 5/6 and 6 teams from 3/4, completed the Restless Development Schools triathlon. The teams from 5/6 consisted of Woodborough Warriors (Jake, William G, Woody and Callum), The Flying Squirrels (Skye, Molly S, Ava and Zara) The racing demons (Amelia-Rose, Ruby, Mille and Freya) and the Mean Green Triathlon Machine (Magnus, Devon Charlie and Mattie).

The year 3/4 teams were Woodborough Whippets (Amelie, Minnie, Eliza and Hana) The Supersonic Four (Teddie, Dougal, Harry P and Freddie) 2 Q (Fred, Ollie R, Harry M and Jonty) The Shuttlecocks (Tabitha, Ellen, Luca and Edward)The Woodborough Wild Wolves (William S, Harry, Thomas and Ned) and finally HAMM (Hatty, Annabelle, Mollie W and Molly A. The year 3/4 had to swim 50m, run ½ a km and cycle ½ a km.

The 5/6 teams had to swim 100m and run and cycle 1km. We all enjoyed it and tried our best!

By Jake and Amelie


Y4 Multi Skills Event

Last Monday – 14th May – all of Year 4 took part in a multi skills festival. We did lots of exciting activities including: wheelchair basketball, bench ball, rounders, SAQ, tri golf and archery. We had lots of fun! We would like to thank Mrs Wren, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Mundy for helping us.

By Hana and Eliza

Gymnastics Final

0n Monday 30th April 6 children went to West Wilts gymnastics final. They invited 10 teams of 6. Firstly, we did the vault with a spring board underneath it. We had two goes and we did really well on it. After that we did a floor routine and had to practice before we performed to the judges. Then we did lots of other gym activities such as the tram pet.
Also, we were allowed to do whatever we liked down a long red mat. Finally it was presentation time! In the vault Minnie won a silver medal and Tabitha got a silver for the floor routine and a silver for coming 2nd best out of 60 gymnasts. The children who went were Amelie, Tabitha, Minnie, Hana, Teddie and Dougal.
We really enjoyed it although we didn’t come in the top six.

By Amelie, Minnie and Tabitha