Daily Archives: February 2, 2018

Squash with Cherry and Elm

Cherry and Elm class have been taking part in Squash lessons on Monday afternoons. They are halfway through a 6 week programme run by Squash 4 Schools and led by coach – Dax. So far the two classes have learnt about the three core skills needed to play squash: agility, balance and coordination. They have started to use squash walls and are looking forward to learning how to play small games over the next few weeks. There will be an invitation sent home to all of the children in Cherry and Elm to take part in a Squash Workshop at Marlborough College – keep an eye out for it.

Mrs Wren


Y2 and Y6 Badminton Festival

On  the  15th  of January 8  people,  went  to  a  badminton  festival .  We  played  lots  of  games  and  had lots of  fun . The  team  with most points would win. Adam   was  in the winning  team because  his  team had  the  most  points in ks2.  We were the only school that took a Key Stage 1 team so they won too. Lots of us got medals too.  Will  Gray took on some of the Year 10 sports leaders and won.

We all had a great time.

By Woody and  Phoebe