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Cricket Festival Salisbury


On Wednesday 16th October, 10 children from year 6 went to Downton Leisure Centre to play the local team. There was only one other school but they had 30 in their class so they had enough for 3 teams of 10. Firstly, we played team B and they got 85 runs and we won with 116 runs which set us off to an amazing start!

Next, we played the C team and they scored 102 which was impressive but we still beat them with a massive score of 174! By this point all of us were getting better and working as a team.

What we thought was to be our final game, we played against Downton A which looked like the best team but only scored 82. Still we were unbeatable, we scored 166. At one point in the game some of us lost a few wickets and got annoyed with ourselves. Luckily the rest of the team were there to comfort them!

We already knew we’d won the tournament because we had a triumph in every game. We’d finished the last game quicker than expected so we played our final game against Downton B and we won again scoring 152 Downton B scored 66.

So overall we won the whole tournament which we are all very proud of!


I’m pleased to report that the Woodborough Wanderers represented the school bravely and competitively at Chirton yesterday.

Results as follows:

AC Hotspur 2 Woodborough Wanderers 1 (Ned Allen)

Woodborough Wanderers 5 (Ollie Sadler 4, Ned Allen 1) BC Athletic 2

All Cannings Utd 3 Woodborough Wanderers 0

5th Place playoff – Woodborough Wanderers 0 All Cannings Wanderers 3

So we came 6th overall this year


Our player of the tournament was Ollie Sadler.

Everyone played very well and the future of Woodborough football is in safe legs with young Bert, Connor and Gilbert all making solid contributions.

It was tough to pick the starting six from our squad because we had so much experience in Jamie, Ranulf, Isabel, Alfie, Harry, Ollie and Ned but hopefully everyone was happy to be involved in what was very much a KS2 effort 👍


Charlie Allen (Ned’s Dad)

Dauntsey’s Cross Country

On Friday 27th of September, twelve year 3 and 4 boys and girls took to the Cross Country Track at Dauntsey’s School.  After walking the route, they lined up with children from 5 other primary schools and raced as fast as their legs would take them.   Kacie from year 4 was the fastest girl of all year 3 / 4 entries and brought home a Trophy! Isabel from Cherry class placed third and Jack from year 4 came 7th.  All twelve Woodborough runners crossed the finish line amongst the first 15 runners!  The girl’s team placed 1st overall and the boys team placed 3rd.   What an amazing result.  We are proud of all of our runners from year 3: Belle, Bertie, Harriet D. Isabel, Isabella, Oliver, and year 4: Aiden-Luke, Ethan, Flo, Jack, Kacie, And Thea.