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Year 3 and 4 Tennis

On the Tuesday the 11th of June 2019, 3 year 3s and 9 year 4s went to Avon Valley College to play tennis. There were three teams from each school: Red Team, Yellow Team and Blue Team. The teams were made up of 4 people – 2 boys and 2 girls – in the red team there was Thomas, Ned, Sophie and Ellen in the blue team there was Jamie, Edward, Mollie and Tabitha in the yellow team there was Anabelle, Poppy, George and Ranulf. When the results came, we found out that yellow and blue team came first and got medals! Red team came 4th and played really well. We had lots of fun and hope to do it again next year.

By Tabitha and Mollie.

Multi Skills Festival

Recently year 3 went to a multi-sport festival at Avon Valley College. We played wheel chair basketball, la cross, dodge ball, archery, rounder, vortex and had an obstacle race. We all really enjoyed it. Our favourite game was wheel chair basketball because we got to go around in wheel chairs and score our own. We met lots of different children from other schools. We loved doing the multi sports festival and hope we can do it again.

Molly and Thea

Year 5 boys’ cricket

On the 22nd May the year 5 boys went to Collingbourne Cricket Club to take part in a cricket tournament. The captain for the A team was Dougal and the B team’s captain was Teddie. Where the A team 3rd and the B team came 6th out of 12 teams. The A team played 5 games and won 4 of them . In the semi- final the team played Ramsbury but unfortunately they closely lost it. The B team played 6 matches they won 3 matches lost 2 and drew 1. We’d like to say thank to Harry Murrell, Thomas, Ned and Edward from Year 4 who came with us to make up the numbers for our teams.
By Dougal and Harry


Orienteering Festival

Some Yr 3’s, Yr 5’s and Elm Class all took part in an orienteering festival on Tuesday. There were two courses, C and D. They both included having to locate numbered posts. We had to follow a map to find them. We had a gadget to scan the posts which gave us a time. The aim was to do it in the quickest time possible.
We had a practice first and then we did it for real. We all had fun comparing times. All of us were out of breath at the end but enjoyed it.

By Honey and Inigo.

Girls’ Cricket Festival

We had to play four separate games and in the total we drew one, won one and lost two. We found it challenging at some points of the game, however, we kept on going and tried to do our best! We would like to thank a few people for taking the year 5 girls to the festival: Mrs Barker, Mr Tomlinson and Mr Little. In conclusion, all the year 5 girls had a fantastic time at the festival!

Written by Isabel and Amelia

Tri Golf

On the third of April 2019, the whole of Elm Class and 5 people from Lime Class went to Marlborough Golf Course for a Tri-golf festival. There were lots of different activities including Grand National, Bullseye, finders Keepers, Tunnel and Dominoes. The Grand National was a really good one because you had to chip it over the cones without hitting it out of bounds. There were 17 different teams from 4 different schools. Woodborough Yellow team came 2nd; Woodborough Blue came 10th and Woodborough Red team came 16th. We all had a great time and want to do it again next year when we are in Year 5.

Rugby Festival

On Wednesday the 20th March two teams went to Avon Valley College to compete in a tag rugby festival. We won two of our matches, drew one and lost two. We came fifth overall and we were really happy with how we played. We all really enjoyed the day and hope that the year fives can go back there again next year.

By Charlie


Gymnastics Festival

On the 5th of March 2019, 5 year fours, 2 year fives and 6 year sixes went to the gymnastics festival. We were split into 2 routines; the easy routine and the hard routine. There were lots of moves in the routines, both were hard to remember but in the end both teams did extremely well.

By Thomas and Harry

High 5 Netball Match vs All Cannings

On Wednesday 6th of March 2019, five determined year five and six pupils went to Devizes Leisure Centre for a netball match against All Cannings School. In the third quarter we scored two goals but then in the last quarter they caught up with us and it ended in a draw, 2-2. We all had fun and can’t wait for next time. Thank you Mrs Crichard for continuing the club and leading our match.

By Teddie and Ollie