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Netball Festival

On Wednesday 22nd November two teams of 9 went to Wellington Academy for a netball festival. 9 teams participated in total. Woodborough A consisted of Morrigan, Caitlin, Callum, Adam, Will G, Freya, Minnie, Ava and Tamzin. We all played really well and we managed to win all our games except two that we drew. We came overall second only missing out on goal difference 25 – 21. Thank you Mrs Wren for supporting us the whole way through.


Photos to follow…

Year 5 and 6 Girls’ Football Festival

On the 9th November 2017 8 girls from year 5/6 went to a football tournament at Avon valley college they were Caitlin, Phoebe, Freya, Katelyn, Annie, Zara, Ava and Skye. We played four games, the first was against Larkhill primary school, the second was against Saint Marys, the third against Amesbury and the last against Figheldean. We won 1 and lost 3. Even though we didn’t win the majority of our games we still had a lot of fun and were very proud of ourselves

By Phoebe Caitlin

Year 5 and 6 Football Festival

On November 6th 2017, two teams from year 5 and 6 entered the mixed football festival at Avon Valley College. Woodborough A team won four matches, drew one and lost two and eventually came 5th. Woodborough B played really well and came 8th. Logan played brilliantly in goal.

Everyone had a great time and the Year 5’s learnt a lot ready for next year.

By Woody and Logan

(Photos on Sports Board)


The Sports Leadership Course

On Wednesday the 18TH of October all the house captains (Phoebe, Riley, Morrigan, Carter Sam, Caitlin, Jake and Tamzin) went to Avon Valley Collage on a course to learn how to teach the change4life club.

When we arrived we had to do a game to warm us up. We were spilt up into groups and we had to work together to overturn the cards in a certain order. That was ace, 2,3,4 all the way up to ten then Jack, Queen and last the king. After that, we looked at the booklets we were given and answered a few questions about what skills a good leader needed. Then we played another game where we had to hit and say all the numbers up to thirty in order – which were on plates in a muddled up order – but if we did it wrong we would have to start again.

We then had lunch in the dinner hall. Then we were put into groups and given a game to create and lead. Every group tried each other’s game and we all found how hard it is to teach like the teachers!

We all had lots of fun and we are very nervous and excited about teaching our first club.

By Tamzin and Jake

Year 3 and 4 Football Festival

Yesterday year threes and fours went to a football festival at Avon Valley College. I was in Woodborough C and my team played three matches. Everybody tried their hardest but unfortunately we lost all of our matches. It was a really good experience and we are looking forward to going again next year when we are in year 4.

I was in Woodborough B and we played 4 matches. We played well as a team, winning 3 matches and only losing the other match 1-0. We only missed out on the semi- final because of goal difference.

I was in Woodborough A and we played 4 matches at the beginning. We won all 4 matches so we went through to the semi-final witch we won 1-0. This meant we were through to the final. It was 0-0 after full time so they added 2 minutes extra time for the golden goal. Unfortunately neither team scored so we had to do penalties. We all tried extremely hard but we lost the last penalty. We are very proud of our performance yesterday.


Indoor Athletics

6 Y2s and 6 Y6s went to an athletics festival at Avon Valley Collage on Monday the 25th September. There were 7 stations and they all tested our athletic ability. There were verticle jumps, speed bounce, chest passes with a heavy ball, beanbag throws where you had to get 3 6 9, foam vortexes, long jump, and a sprint race at the end. The speed bounce absolutely killed your legs. There were three winners, Myself, Oscar and Riley Wyatt. But most of all we all had fun.

By Will


Year 6 orienteering festival

On Wednesday 28th June ten Yr6s- Jed, Paige, Ruby, Arthur, Jessica, Rjay, Georgina, Jude, Josephine and Daniel- went to Stonehenge School for an orienteering festival. We had two runs- one a practice run and one the actual run when we were timed. We had a map and a piece of plastic to slot into these scanners when we got to the right number however some of the numbers were quite hard to find. Afterwards, we found out that we came 4th overall. We all had a great day and we were all pleased with our times we did it in.

Photos to follow…

By Jed


Boys Cricket Festival

On Wednesday 24th May, 10 Year 6’s and 6 Year 5’s went to Collingbourne and took part in a cricket festival. Even though it was stifling hot, we still played to the highest standard. Woodborough B consisted of Jarrad, Jude, Jed, Jake Hickman, Carter, Callum, John and Adam. Wodborough A was made up of Cameron, Fred, Tom, Jonny, Jake Tilbury, Ronan, Riley and Will. Woodborough B won three matches and lost three. Woodborough A won five of their matches and lost one. Woodborough A’s final match against Ramsbury A was very close. We only just lost and we were very disappoint that we didn’t get into the county final. Thank you to all the parents who took all of the children to the event.

By Fred and Jarrad

Tag Rugby County Finals

1 team of 4 girls and 6 boys went from year 5/6 to Devizes rugby club for the tag finals. We got put into a group with five others. Sadly we didn’t make it out of our group losing 4 and winning 1 but at least we didn’t come last in it. We then went into another group with the other teams that came 4th in their group. We won the first game 8-6, drew the next game 6-6 and we lost in the third one. We all had a great day out and hope our team have get to the finals next year as well.

By Tom and John