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Striking and fielding in Year 2

Maple Class have started the summer term learning some striking and fielding skills in PE. They have been working hard in pairs and small groups to improve their bowling and batting. They’ve discovered that listening to other children’s top tips and hints help them improve their skills. Here they are in action…

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Bath Rugby Club visit Year 4 and 5

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On Wednesday the 20th of April Lime N and Lime C had an amazing afternoon with Jack and Henry from Bath Rugby. We learnt about citrus fruits (mostly clementines) and how they help us gain vitamin and calcium. They showed us a video of some Bath Rugby players that come from countries that grow citrus fruits. Then they taught handy new skills to us all. We are very grateful to Bath Rugby and we hope to do it again.

Written by Jonathan and Tom

Year 5 Tri Golf Festival

On Wednesday 13th April ten Yr5’s (Jed, John, Alex, Jake, Arthur, Daniel, Josephine, Honey, Lucy and Bonnie) went to High Post Golf Club near Amesbury for a tri golf competition. There were 5 other teams: Ramsbury School, 3 Burbage teams and Durrington school. There were ten different activities which you could earn points from (Green cones = 1 point, Blue cones = 5 points and Yellow cones = 10 points). We also collected stickers throughout the activities.

We all had a great time! Burbage 3 came 6th and in 5th place was Burbage 2 Durrington came 4th and Burbage 1 came in 3rd place. Woodborough came 2nd which meant Ramsbury came 1st. We got a golden ticket to the final because it was level two golf, there were two golden tickets to the final and because we came second we were allowed a ticket to the final. Everyone did brilliantly.

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