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Year 3/4 and 5/6 House Netball

Throughout the week all of the children in KS2 have taken part in a house netball tournament. They played using the high 5 netball rules which means all of children rotate positions after each quarter. Their skills and shooting improved dramatically throughout the competition and the final results were very close. Combined with the KS1 competition, this made Venus the overall winners. They were awarded the house cup in school meeting. Well done everyone!

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KS1 House Kingball

On Monday afternoon Maple and Sycamore children took part in the termly house sports competition. This time they tried out Kingball! The aim of the game is to throw the ball to your king so that you can join them in their zone. The team that wins is the team where everybody has joined the King! Everybody had great fun and their throwing and catching skills improved throughout the afternoon. Jupiter won overall and this result will get added to the KS2 house netball later in the week. The house cup will be awarded in school meeting on Friday!

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Year 5 Sports Morning at Warminster School

GQ0R8036 GQ0R8064 GQ0R8162 GQ0R8196 GQ0R8198 GQ0R8210 GQ0R8218 GQ0R8222On Friday the 6th of May Woodborough School took 20 year 5’s to Warminster School to play sport- cricket and tennis. The first thing we did was cricket. We played a warm up game, then Fred, Jake, Vasco, Jonny, Cameron, Tom, Tiger and John went to play hard ball cricket in the nets. The others went to play soft ball and played some activities and then they did a game of diamond cricket.

Later, we went to play tennis. First, we played a warm up on astro turf (it was very sandy) to practise our fore-hands, back-hands and volleys. Next we had an excellent game against our partners.

Afterwards, we rushed off to get a well earned lunch. It was delicious. We had a great time and hope to go there again.

Written by Fred and Jake


Devizes Netball League 2015-2016

Last season, we entered the Devizes Netball League for the first time. We did extremely well and won Division 3 last year, meaning we were promoted to Division 2 this season.

The netball team this year have worked extremely hard in the new division and their skills have improved significantly throughout the netball season. We are very pleased to have finished 3rd in Division 2 this year and hope to build on this success next year.

Miss D