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Mini Marathon

On Saturday 25th June we went to Avon Valley College and did a 2.3 mile run, we liked doing the warm up. We set off at a slow pace and broke into a run we all did very well and enjoyed it very much. These were the top three boy’s under 9’s: Jake H 23rd, Callum A 26th and Woody D 29th we would also like to say a special congratulations to Ava for coming 6th in the Y3 and 4 run. We all hope we can do it again. Pictures to follow…

Written by Callum and Woody

Year 3 and 4 Tennis

Last Friday some Year 3s and 4s went to Avon Valley College to play a tennis tournament. There were two teams – Woodborough A and Woodborough B. We had to play two other schools and the matches were 3 minutes long. We did the matches in this order: girl’s singles, boy’s doubles, girl’s doubles and boy’s singles. Sadly we didn’t make it to the finals but we all enjoyed it and we hope we can do it again next year.

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On Monday after school, 8 Year 5&6 children took part in the Quadkids festival at Avon Valley College. Everyone attempted all of the events which included: standing long jump, vortex throw, sprint, long distance run and a final fun relay. Everybody tried their best and after the points had been totalled up we found out that we had finished 2nd out of 10 schools. As well as this Edie finished as top placed girl.


Year 2 Fundamentals Festival

On Monday morning our whole class went to a fundamentals festival at Avon Valley College. We were all a little bit nervous before we got there. However once we were split into groups and we knew we had to listen to the older children at each station we were fine. It was great fun trying out lots of different skills. Our favourite were the football shooting station and the frisbee throwing!

At the end we were all given certificates for taking part. As well as this, some children we given medals for politeness, great skills and for being energetic!

Here we are in action…

image image image image image image

Wiltshire Dance Festival

This evening, 24 confident children from Woodborough took to the stage at the Wyvern Theatre to take part in the Wilsthire Dance Festival. 16 schools took part, including primary and secondary schools. All of the children performed with smiles on their faces and really got into the carnival spirit! Our dance had a carnival theme as it was based on the colours and atmosphere you will find at the Olympics in Rio this summer.

Thank you to all of the parents and supporters who came to watch our performance. Here we are in our dressing room backstage!

image image image

Y6 Girls Cricket

P1090725 P1090728 P1090729 P1090731 P1090736 P1090744On Wednesday 8th June the year 6 girls travelled to Amesbury to play in a cricket tournament. We played 3 matches against Castle, Ramsbury and Amesbury Archer. Our first match was against Castle. We played very well and we won. Our second match was against Ramsbury and they played very well and won. Our last match was against Amesbury Archer and it was very close but they won. Overall we came 3rd out of 4 teams. We all enjoyed ourselves and Poppy said that we were actually the winners because we smiled and had the best time.

By Poppy and Isobel

Year 3 and 4 Tennis

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On Friday 27th May some year 3s and 4s went on a special trip to Warminster School to do some tennis training. We had to balance the tennis ball on the racket and then did forehands, backhands, volleys and rallies. After that we got to play a really fun game called coffin. Then we got to have five minutes of match time. We’re all very grateful for the opportunity and we would all love to do it again! Also, our goody bags were great!


By Will and Jake