Monthly Archives: September 2016

Y2 & Y6 Indoor Athletics

On Monday the 26th September six year 6s and six year 2s went to Avon Valley College to do some athletics.

We participated in seven sports, javelin throw, bean bag throw, vertical jump, long jump, speed bounce, chest pass and finally the relay race.

At the end of the day Lucy won a medal for the speed bounce, Tom won a medal for vertical jump and Thomas won a medal for long jump. Also the year 2s won the relay race and the year 6s race was extremely close.

We really enjoyed our day and we hope to go to other events like it.

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Cross Country Run

On Friday 23rd some Yr6s, Yr5s, Yr4s and Yr3s went to Warminster Secondary school to take part in the cross country run. The year threes and year fours had to run 900 metres and the year 5/6s had to run 1300 metres. The races were very tiring but we all did extremely well. We all had great fun and we were all tired after it. We all tried our best and Mrs Chapman was pleased with our positions.

By Jed