Monthly Archives: February 2017

Gymnastics Festival 9th February 2017

On the 9th of February a group of 12 children attended a gymnastics festival. Some of us were very excited and some were scared as we didn’t know what to expect. As well as doing the competition we had other activities to try whilst we waited to be judged. This included: ribbons, pompoms, tumble track and many more. There were two teams, Woodborough A and B. Both teams did exceptionally well with Woodborough B winning the whole festival and Ava being awarded a medal for top girl. It was a fun-filled afternoon and we hope to return again next year to hold onto our winning title. Thank you to Mrs Crichard and all the parents who helped with transport on the day.

Inigo and Tabitha


Wiltshire Dance Festival

20 Key Stage 2 pupils went to the Wyvern Theatre on Wednesday 8th February to perform their amazingly choreographed ABBA dance. We went to an after school club and worked really hard to learn the moves and were very eager to get it right. Some of us were very nervous while others were ready to go! It was super fun and we hope to do it again.

By Caitlin

Y2 & Y6 badminton festival

On Monday 30th of January, some Yr6s and Yr2s went to Avon Valley College to attend a badminton festival. First, the Yr6s were put into groups with other pupils from different schools. Then, we played four different activities practicing our badminton skills and collecting points for our team. The Yr2s did different activities and then, had a small one on one game. At the end Jessica’s team won and were rewarded with a medal. Each of the Yr2s also got a medal.We really enjoyed it.

Written by Jed and Jake.