Monthly Archives: October 2017

Year 3 and 4 Football Festival

Yesterday year threes and fours went to a football festival at Avon Valley College. I was in Woodborough C and my team played three matches. Everybody tried their hardest but unfortunately we lost all of our matches. It was a really good experience and we are looking forward to going again next year when we are in year 4.

I was in Woodborough B and we played 4 matches. We played well as a team, winning 3 matches and only losing the other match 1-0. We only missed out on the semi- final because of goal difference.

I was in Woodborough A and we played 4 matches at the beginning. We won all 4 matches so we went through to the semi-final witch we won 1-0. This meant we were through to the final. It was 0-0 after full time so they added 2 minutes extra time for the golden goal. Unfortunately neither team scored so we had to do penalties. We all tried extremely hard but we lost the last penalty. We are very proud of our performance yesterday.


Indoor Athletics

6 Y2s and 6 Y6s went to an athletics festival at Avon Valley Collage on Monday the 25th September. There were 7 stations and they all tested our athletic ability. There were verticle jumps, speed bounce, chest passes with a heavy ball, beanbag throws where you had to get 3 6 9, foam vortexes, long jump, and a sprint race at the end. The speed bounce absolutely killed your legs. There were three winners, Myself, Oscar and Riley Wyatt. But most of all we all had fun.

By Will