Monthly Archives: April 2018

Netball Match vs Seend

On the last Wednesday of term 5 pupils went to compete against Seend A. They were Caitlin, Adam, Callum, Tamzin and Minnie. The final result was 7-6 to them but it was an extremely close match and we all worked really hard. Unfortunately, that was our last Netball match in the league and we all have to thank Mrs Wren for organising it for us.

By Caitlin and Adam

Tag Rugby Festival

Before half-term, two groups of Y5 and Y6 teams went to Pewsey Secondary School to take part in a Rugby Tournament. Woodborough A team consisted of Callum, Carter, Will, Caitlin, Morrigan, Charlie, Magnus and Freya. Woodborough B team consisted of Adam, Ethan, Ollie, Matthew, Josh R, Jake, Tamzin and Ruby. Overall Woodborough B team came fifth and Woodborough A team came third. We all enjoyed it and played very well.

By Callum and Adam

Gymnastics Festival

On Thursday 8th of March 2018 some Y3, 4s and 5s went to a gymnastics competition. We all had to learn a sequence and perform it to three judges. Everyone did exceptionally well and performed it beautifully to them. Over all the beginners team came 3rd and the advanced team came 2nd. I am sure Mrs Wren was very proud of us all! ALL:  thank you for taking us Mrs Wren we had so much fun!

By Amelia and Freya



Hockey Festival

Before half term two teams went to a hockey festival at Wellington Academy. The two teams were made out of years 4/5 and 6. Both teams played extremely well. Both teams showed excellent teamwork and skills. Woodborough A got into the finals but lost out on penalties. Overall our best score was 3-0. We learnt a lot about playing matches and hockey skills.

We are all very proud of ourselves and we all really enjoyed it.

By Phoebe and Adam