Cricket Festival Salisbury


On Wednesday 16th October, 10 children from year 6 went to Downton Leisure Centre to play the local team. There was only one other school but they had 30 in their class so they had enough for 3 teams of 10. Firstly, we played team B and they got 85 runs and we won with 116 runs which set us off to an amazing start!

Next, we played the C team and they scored 102 which was impressive but we still beat them with a massive score of 174! By this point all of us were getting better and working as a team.

What we thought was to be our final game, we played against Downton A which looked like the best team but only scored 82. Still we were unbeatable, we scored 166. At one point in the game some of us lost a few wickets and got annoyed with ourselves. Luckily the rest of the team were there to comfort them!

We already knew we’d won the tournament because we had a triumph in every game. We’d finished the last game quicker than expected so we played our final game against Downton B and we won again scoring 152 Downton B scored 66.

So overall we won the whole tournament which we are all very proud of!

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