Gymnastics Final

0n Monday 30th April 6 children went to West Wilts gymnastics final. They invited 10 teams of 6. Firstly, we did the vault with a spring board underneath it. We had two goes and we did really well on it. After that we did a floor routine and had to practice before we performed to the judges. Then we did lots of other gym activities such as the tram pet.
Also, we were allowed to do whatever we liked down a long red mat. Finally it was presentation time! In the vault Minnie won a silver medal and Tabitha got a silver for the floor routine and a silver for coming 2nd best out of 60 gymnasts. The children who went were Amelie, Tabitha, Minnie, Hana, Teddie and Dougal.
We really enjoyed it although we didn’t come in the top six.

By Amelie, Minnie and Tabitha

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