House captain training

On Wednesday 6th November Mrs Harris from Avon Valley College came to Woodborough School to train the 8 Sports House Captains to become Change4life leaders.

To start with we had to start to fill out some forms/booklets the forms included what key features House Captains need to run a Change4life lunch time club.

After that we then went on to learn a few games which we could play with the children at Change4life.

We also learnt S.T.E.P which meant Space, Task, Enthusiasm and People.

We then taught each other the activities we learnt from the game cards we were given. Each house got their own card with an activity on it.

After lunch we then had some younger children to see what it was like to have our own group between us. We had a great day and can’t wait to start using our new skills from next week.

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