The Sports Leadership Course

On Wednesday the 18TH of October all the house captains (Phoebe, Riley, Morrigan, Carter Sam, Caitlin, Jake and Tamzin) went to Avon Valley Collage on a course to learn how to teach the change4life club.

When we arrived we had to do a game to warm us up. We were spilt up into groups and we had to work together to overturn the cards in a certain order. That was ace, 2,3,4 all the way up to ten then Jack, Queen and last the king. After that, we looked at the booklets we were given and answered a few questions about what skills a good leader needed. Then we played another game where we had to hit and say all the numbers up to thirty in order – which were on plates in a muddled up order – but if we did it wrong we would have to start again.

We then had lunch in the dinner hall. Then we were put into groups and given a game to create and lead. Every group tried each other’s game and we all found how hard it is to teach like the teachers!

We all had lots of fun and we are very nervous and excited about teaching our first club.

By Tamzin and Jake

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