Year 3 and 4 Tennis

On Friday 8th of June 18 children went to a tennis festival at Avon Valley College. There were 5 schools there, we were split in to three teams A team, B team and C team. There were two pools and A and B teams were in pool 1 and C team were in pool 2. A team and C team got into the semi-finals but B team still did incredibly well. A team and C team were against each other in the semi-finals Harry Phillips was on the A team and Ned Allen was on the C team whoever won that match their team would go to the finals. Ned hit the ball and it rolled over the net but unfortunately Harry lost the point so the C team got into the finals. The C team were against Rushall but it was who gets the most points, Rushall got one more point than C team so they won. We did extremely well and we would love to do it again – it was incredibly close!

By Minnie and Dougal

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