Year 5 Sports Morning at Warminster School

GQ0R8036 GQ0R8064 GQ0R8162 GQ0R8196 GQ0R8198 GQ0R8210 GQ0R8218 GQ0R8222On Friday the 6th of May Woodborough School took 20 year 5’s to Warminster School to play sport- cricket and tennis. The first thing we did was cricket. We played a warm up game, then Fred, Jake, Vasco, Jonny, Cameron, Tom, Tiger and John went to play hard ball cricket in the nets. The others went to play soft ball and played some activities and then they did a game of diamond cricket.

Later, we went to play tennis. First, we played a warm up on astro turf (it was very sandy) to practise our fore-hands, back-hands and volleys. Next we had an excellent game against our partners.

Afterwards, we rushed off to get a well earned lunch. It was delicious. We had a great time and hope to go there again.

Written by Fred and Jake


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